Solana Windscreens Offers Affordable Rear Window Replacement Services

Solana Windscreens Offers Affordable Rear Window Replacement Services

Rear window replacement is highly important. Like side window damage, rear windows are often more economical to replace than repair. 

Further, leaving a rear window damaged leaves you open to further damage and theft. Chips, cracks and scratches in your rear window glass leave the glass weakened, making it easier for the glass to be broken by storm weather or thieves. 

At Solana Windscreens, our skilled technicians can replace your damaged glass quickly and professionally using quality glass. All our glass replacement and repairs come with a lifetime guarantee and comply with Zimbabwe’s rigorous safety standards.
Solana Windscreens Offers Affordable Rear Window Replacement Services

Solana Windscreens Rear Window Replacement: As one of Harare andZimbabwe’s leading vehicle glass replacement experts,  Solana Windscreens guarantees that we can get you back on the road as soon as possible. Our rigorous processes ensure all our replacements are done carefully and safely so your car will be like new. 

Solana Windscreens replacement services are quick and hassle-free, catering to all situations and vehicle types, including luxury vehicles. We quality check all our work to meet stringent car installation requirements. Further, we ensure that your replacement rear window is the same shape, size and contour of the original glass. Our technicians don’t force the glass as this can cause adhesion issues, water leaks and stress cracks.
Solana Windscreens Offers Affordable Rear Window Replacement Services
Rear Window Replacement Hassle-Free: While windshield damage is a common issue for drivers,  Solana Windscreens understands that there are plenty of other glass pieces that can crack and shatter. Just like your windscreen, your rear window is at threat from rocks, road debris, fallen tree limbs, and accidents. Further, rear windows often have a defrost grid that takes more time to install and/or repair. As a result, you need highly skilled technicians to handle these repairs. 
Solana Windscreens Offers Affordable Rear Window Replacement Services
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We Guarantee All Our Workmanship.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year we repair or replace any piece of glass on any make or model of vehicle. Furthermore, you can relax in the knowledge that we guarantee all our workmanship, for as long as you own the vehicle.

Car Brands We Cater For.

Cars We Service:

With so many makes and models out there, you might be wondering if we service your car for windscreen repairs and replacements.
At Solana Windscreens we provide a mobile service for any vehicle, fixing and replacing your windscreen or window so you can get back out on the road again.
Take a look at the range of manufacturers we cater for, and if you don’t see your vehicle listed, just get in touch and speak to us – we source specialist glass for cars both old and new.


We Replace Toyota Windscreens


We Replace Honda Windscreens


We Replace Mazda Windscreens


We Replace BMW Windscreens


We Replace Hyndai Windscreens


We Replace VW Windscreens


We Replace Nissan Windscreens


We Replace Benz Windscreens

We Keep Your Business Moving!

Our 24/7 Services

We know how much a broken windscreen can disrupt your business, which is why we are dedicated to providing an efficient and quality service to all our customers across Harare and Zimbabwe. Our 24/7 service means we can reach your location quickly after your call and will use the most recent technology to carry out Komatsu windscreen repairs and replacements. So if you are in need of emergency windscreen repair, give us a call today and a member of our team can send out an experienced technician to fix your windscreen in no time. For more information on our services, please get in touch with us today.

Keeping your business moving!

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Passion Is What Drives Us!

Our Commitment

Combined with our passion, we work relentlessly to give drivers reassurance and a great service when they have chipped, cracked or smashed glass.

We are a leading automotive glass repair and replacement company in Zimbabwe. You can visit our local Solana Windscreens fitting hub or if you prefer, one of our mobile technicians will come to a place that suits you.

All repairs and replacements performed by us come with a lifetime workmanship guarantee whilst you own the vehicle for your peace of mind.

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