Auto Glass: What It Is and Why It Matters TIPS - Solana Windscreen!

Auto Glass: What It Is and Why It Matters TIPS - Solana Windscreen!

Close your eyes and picture every safety feature your vehicle has. Did its windshield pop into your head? Chance are, probably not. 

It’s no surprise, really. Most commercials and advertisements aren’t interested in focusing on a piece of glass when there are engines, fuel efficiency and sleek interior features to talk about.

That’s where we step in. Your vehicle’s auto glass is there for a reason—an important reason. And that is to keep you safe. So what is it about your vehicle’s glass that makes it different than, let’s say, the glass you drink your water out of?

The auto glass performs differently. 

Unlike the windows in your home, which shatter into larger pieces when broken, the glass surrounding your vehicle is much more susceptible to external forces, including rocks, accidents and shrapnel from larger vehicles passing by on the highway. To increase protection and prevent injury from impact to the windows, auto glass has two types of safety glass:
Auto Glass: What It Is and Why It Matters TIPS - Solana Autoglass!

Laminated glass is used for the front windshield and is manufactured from a layer of polyvinyl butral (PVB) inserted between two layers of glass. After a heating and rolling process, the PBV becomes chemically and mechanically bonded to the glass on each side of it.

If your windshield should be hit from a collision or flying object, the PVB layer will stay intact, preventing the laminated glass to shatter. Instead, your windshield will chip or crack.

Laminated glass: Prevents you and your passengers from being thrown through the window in an accident.

Helps deploy the airbag(s) properly.

Tempered glass is used for the side and back windows. The glass goes through a heating and rapid cooling process that fortifies its outer and core surface. The manipulation of pressures between the contracted exterior surfaces and slower cooling centre create tension, which is what gives the tempered glass its strength.

Tempered glass: Is 5 to 10 times stronger than non-tempered glass. Protects the side and back windows of your vehicle from the wear and tear of external factors while driving.

When should you get your windshield checked?

If it has a chip or crack, get it looked at.

Crystal Glass has certified auto glass technicians who put your safety first. We’ve been taking care of auto glass repair for over 65 years, and ensure every repair and installation is done properly. From chips and cracks, windshield replacements and everything in between, we can fix your auto glass and make it like new again. More importantly – safe for you to drive.

Remember, your auto glass is there to protect you. Let us make sure it does.

If you notice a chip and don’t’ get it repaired, it can make it more difficult and costly to repair in the long term.

Four easy tips to keep your windscreen free from damage:

1. Check your windscreen: Every time you clean your car get into the habit of checking your windscreen – both inside and out. If you do spot any damage, get it checked out by one of our qualified technicians. Getting chips and cracks looked at early can often save you time and money!

2. Check your windscreen wipers: Make sure your wipers are in good condition - they should be soft and flexible. If they are damaged, consider replacing them so that they don’t cause any damage to your windscreen.


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Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year we repair or replace any piece of glass on any make or model of vehicle. Furthermore, you can relax in the knowledge that we guarantee all our workmanship, for as long as you own the vehicle.

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With so many makes and models out there, you might be wondering if we service your car for windscreen repairs and replacements.
At Solana Windscreens we provide a mobile service for any vehicle, fixing and replacing your windscreen or window so you can get back out on the road again.
Take a look at the range of manufacturers we cater for, and if you don’t see your vehicle listed, just get in touch and speak to us – we source specialist glass for cars both old and new.


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We know how much a broken windscreen can disrupt your business, which is why we are dedicated to providing an efficient and quality service to all our customers across Harare and Zimbabwe. Our 24/7 service means we can reach your location quickly after your call and will use the most recent technology to carry out Komatsu windscreen repairs and replacements. So if you are in need of emergency windscreen repair, give us a call today and a member of our team can send out an experienced technician to fix your windscreen in no time. For more information on our services, please get in touch with us today.

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Combined with our passion, we work relentlessly to give drivers reassurance and a great service when they have chipped, cracked or smashed glass.

We are a leading automotive glass repair and replacement company in Zimbabwe. You can visit our local Solana Windscreens fitting hub or if you prefer, one of our mobile technicians will come to a place that suits you.

All repairs and replacements performed by us come with a lifetime workmanship guarantee whilst you own the vehicle for your peace of mind.

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